Stephen Reed

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My career has not necessarily been a traditional one. If my background was an appetizer menu item, it would be called the "sample platter." I played competitive golf through college and became a whitewater raft guide while working for National Geographic as a digital marketing consultant. An interest in how business is conducted in Asia took me to China to teach at a university and to rock climb with the rural community. After some time there, I began to be consumed by our relationship with software and the digital universe we live in. The data might be exactly the same, but different platforms and user experiences can often change or perception and meaning.

My passion for understanding technology drove me to India, where I spent 9-months in a leadership training program at data analytics giant, Mu Sigma. As a member of the CEO’s task force to improve engagement, I began to focus in on how engagement and resilience can affect the overall experience. Not long after, I joined a start-up in Austin, TX. The B2B SaaS product was leveraging an innovative way to collect and analyze predictive behavioral analytics to improve customer experience. My own engagement for the mission led me to the Head of Operations role, where I focused on software product development, client support content, and marketing.

I’m always up for a good story, so let me know if you want to chat. I love engaging through any medium, so call, text, email, or fly to me if you’d like.



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