Stephen Reed

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My career has not necessarily been a traditional one. If my background was an appetizer menu item, it would be called the "sample platter." I played competitive golf through college and became a whitewater raft guide while working for National Geographic as a digital marketing consultant. An interest in business in asia took me to China to teach at a university and to rock climb with a rural community. Living in a world with a separate data universe, I launched into my data analytics career in India at Mu Sigma. After learning and teaching there, I noticed how analytics could drastically improve experiences. That's when I joined a B2B SaaS startup leveraging data to increase customer satisfaction.This diversity has allowed me to develop a useful skill— the ability to engage and connect with any audience. 

I'm currently interested in software solutions that connect and engage employees and customers.

I’m constantly learning and sharing information with people—both personally and professionally. I enjoy engaging with others through multiple mediums—including public speaking, writing, and designing.


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