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Sunday Shakedown - Justin Newton, Truck Campers, Mountains, and More!!

Sunday Shakedown - Justin Newton, Truck Campers, Mountains, and More!!


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Hello everyone, my name is Justin Newton. Stephen and I know each other from early college years. We were roommates, college golf teammates, and he was the best man at my wedding. He says I taught him everything he knows about adventure, but I'd say he's got me beat at this point.

I love Jesus, my wife, playing golf and exploring the back-country. This article is about a tradition of crazy adventures, known as the Man-Trip. I hope you enjoy!


Origin of the Man-Trip


I used to be a whitewater raft guide in Colorado. If you don’t know anything about raft guides, we are quite the rugged(dirty) and adventurous(crazy) bunch. At our company, Acquired Tastes, we all lived in the owner’s backyard. Home was either a vehicle, tent, or if you were lucky, one of the broken down buses that sat idle since the 70s. This is an article about how I built a home for myself out of the back of my truck. Hope you enjoy!

Go Truck Yourself

How to Build a Truck Camper You Can Live In

In spirit of Justin's adventure article, here are some pictures from the past that make me miss the mountains!

My Friend Ryan and I on one of the sixteen '14ers' that we climbed together. Getting to the top of Blanca Peak took 17 miles, 6,000 feet elevation gain, and 12 hours of hiking. Totally worth it. If you're interested, check out the video I made!

My friend Allison kicking ass up a hard line in Yangshuo, China. We both taught English at a University there and had a lot of time for exploring.

My friend Scotty in front of both of our 'homes' right before a 'raft guide trip.' These trips were always filled with laughs and blood pumping adventure. 

The California Honeydrops

Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You

I saw these guys at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre and it was the best performance I've ever experienced. Go ahead and listen to this song and try to not dance. It's literally impossible. I haven't met anyone who doesn't appreciate this beautiful sound. After last week's genre review, I thought this would be a great groovy track that everyone can enjoy. Happy Sunday!
Sunday Shakedown Spotify Playlist

Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

Okay, just hear me out. I know it looks like I'm a left-leaning asshole pointing fingers, but I think some Republicans will even find this interesting. Growing up in Wyoming, a lot of my friends were and still are Republicans. Some that I've talked to have felt a little blindsided by the party's decisions lately. There's a reason for that feeling. When you look at the center of the political spectrum, the Republican party has moved faster towards the extreme over the last few years. This trend is called "asymmetrical polarization."

This has made it nearly impossible for Congress to work the way it's supposed to. As Republicans become more ideological, they've become less willing to work with Democrats. This is something no one wants to bring up because, well, you sound like a left-leaning asshole point fingers. 


“What I would tell people who struggle with fear and anxiety is that it's natural, just always try to be aware of the source of it. That's why I believe in rational anxiety and irrational anxiety.

Rational is when you know why you're afraid and anxious. Irrational is when these thoughts just flood your mind and you don't know where they are coming from, so you're just scared and having a panic attack for no reason.”

Charlamagne Tha God, Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me
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