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Sunday Shakedown - Fantasy Football Fanatics, Cheap Food, Sublime with Rome, and More!!

Sunday Shakedown - Fantasy Football Fanatics, Cheap Food, Sublime with Rome, and More!!

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The League
It’s football season, baby, and with that comes NFL Fantasy Football. Stephen and I debate heavily about an array of topics through out our work day, over lunch and, as of recently, while battling it out in Catan. But we both agree football is an American pastime and realize Fantasy Football has the same addictive qualities as crack cocaine. This Friendly Feature is going to try to convince all the nagging girlfriends of why their boyfriends are so enthralled with Fantasy. Here is why it’s so popular:  

  1. GamificationFantasy is this world’s most prolific embodiment of gamification. What intrigues a bunch of dudes more than arguing about sports with their best friends over a 16-week period of time? Nothing. Boobs, maybe. But nothing else. Competition, comparable to the glory days of high school sports, is hard to come by in our stage of life. Fantasy gives the boys something to compete over week-after-week and leaves us thinking: “Maybe, just maybe, if I would have applied myself more in PeeWee Hockey I could have been the Todd Gurley II of the NHL.” (I’m from Minnesota, btw.)  

  2. OffenseFor those who are not familiar with Fantasy Football framework, offensive players are the only individual contributors. Deep throws, long runs and finger tip catches accumulate to major point totals for our fantasy teams. Fantasy takes the most exciting plays of football, enumerates them and displays them on a scoreboard for dudes to drool over all day Sunday. To my girlfriend, I apologize but Sundays are a day I will be very bad at promptly texting back.  

  3. The Draft / Team Management Firstly I want to say, we realize that these athletes that we draft on to our fantasy teams are so above our level in life, it’s absurd. But we receive an unearned degree of importance when we put a spreadsheet together of our draft picks and declare: ‘these players are good enough to be on my fantasy team.’ It’s bonkers, I know, but so incredibly fun. And then throughout the season we drop and trade players that aren’t performing to our standard. We praise ourselves for having the vision to draft players that have potential for breakout seasons. And throw jabs at our best friends for forgetting to adjust their lineups for upcoming bye weeks. For 16-weeks we get to play God. Whoever created Fantasy Football is an undeniable genius.

To wrap up, I wanted to include my starting roster for Week 1. I’m welcome to all praise and criticisms. Greg, bring it.

QB1: Tom Brady, NE Patriots.
 RB1: Todd Gurley II, LA Rams. 
RB2: Joe Mixon, CIN Bengals. 
WR1: Michael Thomas, NO Saints.
WR2: Chris Hogan, NE Patriots.
TE: Greg Olson, CAR Panthers.
FLEX: Carlos Hyde, CLE Browns.
K: Graham Gano, CAR Panthers.


Jacob Raska

Owner of ‘Gurls want it all’

Eating Green is Cheap as F*ck

Skipping the animal protein will not only add years to your life, it's also a lot cheaper. A recent study published in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition calculated that vegetarians can save at least $750 more than meat-eaters per year.

The study compared the U.S. Department of Agriculture-recommended plans against seven-day plant-based meal plans. Both plans totaled 2,000 calories a day and vegetarian meals were an extra $14.36 cheaper per week. In any given week, the vegetarian diet also had about 25 more servings of vegetables, 14 more servings of whole grains, and eight more servings of fruit. 

Many people that I talk to assume that I only buy the luxury(and often pricey) plant-based products, but that is not the case for most plant-based dieters. Vegan musician Moby shows just how cheap you can go. 

In an Instagram post, he shared his all-time favorite vegan meals -- which costs only 75 cents.



If you are considering taking the plant-based route but are unsure where to start, I'm more than happy to talk with you about it!

TIME Magazine
Live Kindly
Moby's Instagram

Coopers back legs are too long right now so he sits like a dork

I recently started playing golf again! I've been trying to play at least once a week. This last week, I decided to get some practice in. I had forgotten how much I love putting in the headphones and working on my game. 

Same, Cooper. Same. 


Wicked Heart - Sublime with Rome
This is a new song from a band that has been on all of my playlists since they came together in 2009. Two of the band members are from the original Sublime group. Their lead singer, Bradley, died in 1996 but that didn't stop me from jamming all of their songs on repeat throughout high school and college. 

Sublime with Rome is led by Rome Ramirez who has a killer voice. When I saw them in concert, he actually sang about 50% of the original Sublime songs and I felt like I was a time traveler. Hope you enjoy! 

“There’s an uneasiness that surrounds any effort to produce the best things you’re capable of producing, as this forces you to confront the possibility that your best is not (yet) that good.” 

- Cal Newport, DEEP WORK
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