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Your Sunday Shakedown - Feb 10th

Your Sunday Shakedown - Feb 10th

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February 10th Newsletter

What I’m Writing


Every decision we make creates a ripple that effects everything in our life. This is true even for my dog, Cooper. After I feed him in the morning, he has a critical question to answer— where will he choose to go poop?

After a few yawns and stretches from both him and his drowsy-eyed parent, he initiates his own unique decision making process. The courtyard, where this takes place, has endless possibilities. With every sniff, he runs a mini calculation predicting what the pooping experience would be like if he pulled the trigger on that patch of grass.

I call this his poop placement process, or PPP. The time it takes him to execute varies, but where he decides on the optimal location rarely does. I know that at some point I’ll get dragged with sudden urgency to the back left corner of the courtyard where 95% of his poop is placed. The decision and the process itself have an effect on life around him…

Friendly Feature

Green Card Survival: How I Became Legal in the U.S.

By Samantha Reed

My wife describes the painstaking process of becoming a legal resident in the United States. If anyone wants to read about what it takes to be part of this country, you’ve come to the right place!


What I’m Enjoying


My life has been completely consumed. I have nothing else to share with you this week. I’m sorry.

Read my article to understand what I’ve been up to. See ya later!

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