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Sunday Shakedown - The Death of Stalin, Cooper, Washington D.C., Principles

Sunday Shakedown - The Death of Stalin, Cooper, Washington D.C., Principles

Hello! Welcome to my weekly newsletter. Every Sunday, I share a few things that I've been getting my hands on. Hope you enjoy!
What I'm Watching: The Death of Stalin

In order to combat my middle seat depression, I decided to watch a movie on the plane back to Austin. I'm so glad that I chose to watch this one!  

Armando Iannucci has made a terrific comedy out of a horrific time in history. This movie opens in March 1953 when the iron-fisted Stalin has ruled the Soviet Union for decades and has done his fair share of damage to society. Shortly after the opening, Stalin falls ill and the rest of the movie is based on his men scrambling to take power. Aesthetically, the setting feels so far away from present day. The fact that the actors carry a Boston accent throughout the movie allows the scene to feel much more relevant in our current political arena. 

Real traumas and outrages are mentioned in passing, but aren't explained fully. This is nice to keep the flow of the movie, but if you'd like to learn more about the true events compared to the movie, you can read about it on Slate.
Watch Here
Who I'm digging: Cooper

He did such a great job traveling across the country and being smack dab in the center of Baltimore. It wasn't an easy week for him. Especially being on the 14th floor while still working on holding his bladder. We are proud of how he held up though. We decided to leave him with a sitter this weekend and even though we missed him incredibly, we were glad to get a weekend to ourselves! Here are just few of the best pictures we took of him this week.
Where I'm traveling: Washington DC

For this week, I asked my wife to highlight some of the best spots we went this weekend. Hope you get a chance to enjoy them like we did!

"Having never been to the nation's capital, I was excited to make the short drive down to Washington DC. We decided to board up the little stinker (aka Cooper) so we would have the freedom to bring out the inner tourist in us.

Finding a dog sitter proved easier than expected;  we used an app called Rover. The app gives you available sitters and their ratings in the desired city and you can text with them to figure out if it's a good fit! We were nervous about how he'd do without us, but when we dropped him off, he trotted off confidently without so much as a glance back as us! Oh, well! 

Here's some highlights and tips from our trip:
- National mall by Night: The National mall is home to all those goosebump inducing monuments and our recommendation would be to do them at night or after sunset. You beat the maddening crowds and the sights make for some great pictures too! 

- PoV Bar: The rooftop bar at The W is a stone's throw away from the most famous residence in the world, the White House. Make a reservation if you're visiting over the weekend. The balcony offers views of the White House and the secret service agents patrolling the roof. A vegetarian meal for two along with 2 drinks each will set you back about $90.

- Do not drive: Traffic is crazy, finding parking is crazier. Save yourself unnecessary circling around and just leave your car at home/hotel. Instead, go ahead and get yourself a metroplus card. The subway system is efficient and well connected
- Museums: The Smithsonian institute is a collection of world renowned museums and although we couldn't visit all of them, we highly recommend the Smithsonian American Art Museum. If you had to do one museum, do this one! Also, entry to all the museums are free.

Bye for now! - Sam "
How I'm Reading: I've just started this book and have already found it quite inspiring. Ray Dalio is one of the world's most successful investors and entrepreneurs. I'm not even going to list all of the reasons why he is someone you should know, just believe me when I say that he is a badass. 

He shares his unconventional principles that helped him create the world that he lives in today. A lot of what he shares is based on a belief that radical transparency leads to meaningful work and meaningful relationships.   
Learn more
Quote I'm Enjoying:

“Time is like a river that carries us forward into encounters with reality that require us to make decisions.

We can't stop our movement down this river and we can't avoid those encounters. We can only approach them in the best possible way

- Ray Dalio
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