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Sunday Shakedown - Deep Work, Baltimore Travelin', Tim Ferriss

Sunday Shakedown - Deep Work, Baltimore Travelin', Tim Ferriss

Hello! Welcome to my weekly newsletter. Every Sunday, I share a few things that I've been getting my hands on. Hope you enjoy!
What I'm Reading: As someone that has been diagnosed with ADD, being able to totally immerse myself for hours on end into one subject has always been a challenge. Cal Newport breaks down what it takes to truly master a skill that generates real value in your life. 

Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. As someone who works in data analytics, it is critical that I'm able to take complicated information and produce insights in less time. Deep work is a super power because most have lost the ability to go deep in this demanding economy. If you'd like applicable exercises and frameworks to truly hone your craft(no matter what you do), I'd highly recommend this book. 
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Where I'm Traveling: I travel a lot for work. My next implementation is in Baltimore and I wanted to bring the wife and puppy dog. So I decided to hop in the car and make it a road trip. I'm sitting in Nashville as I type this and we have another 12 hour day ahead of us before we get into the city. Wish us luck!

If you have any recommendations for our time on the coast of the East, let us know what to do over the weekends. We also didn't have much time to get up here(only two days), but will have more time to explore on the way back. If you are somewhere on the route, let me know so I can take you out to dinner!
How I'm Learning: There is a lot of things I'm studying right now and I've been trying to adopt the DiSSS method for accelerated learning. You can watch Tim Ferriss talk about it briefly in this video. He's also written a book about it called the 4-Hour Chef.
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Quote I'm Enjoying:

If you’re not confused,

you don’t understand what’s going on.” 

- Howard Marks
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Short and sweet this week because I've been traveling for its entirety. Each week will have varying degrees of depth. If you are digging this, please help me spread the love! Thank you!
Sunday Shakedown - The Death of Stalin, Cooper, Washington D.C., Principles

Sunday Shakedown - The Death of Stalin, Cooper, Washington D.C., Principles