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Tchami Review

Tchami Review


I’m giving a full review for this artist because I want to provide an explanation to the an entire genre, which seems to confuse most people. Tchami’s music is lumped all together as Electronic Dance Music, or EDM. I like to call it Experimental Dance Music. There are so many unique sounds that are generated from the genre that it’s hard to pinpoint.

Generally speaking, people either love or hate this genre. I believe this drastic difference of opinion stems from the genre being too broad. If you love the genre, you've probably spent time exploring and have found a sub-genre that fits you perfectly. This requires you to listen to a lot of different sub-genres and to be open to trying new things. Most that hate the genre have heard a mashup of different songs, maybe on the radio, and can’t really get into it. They hear a lot of loud sounds but don’t connect to them in anyway.

To be clear, I don't like a majority of music that falls under EDM. However, I do love specific sub-genres and discreetly listen to it more than any other genre. I listen to this type of music because it helps me focus. It helps me turn inward and I generally find myself in an elevated mindset when I get lost into a track. The consistent beat allows me to work and write for long hours without getting distracted. Often times, I'll play 2 or 3 songs on repeat for the entire day. Author Ryan Holiday talks about how he listens to the same song up to 400 times in a row when he writes.  

This is because any creative work that you are focusing on requires tuning everything out. Yeah, you can put noise canceling headphones on, but over time the process begins to feel a bit 'empty'. I agree with Ryan Holiday when he says that "it's not about quiet, it's about finding your zone."

So when I want to sit down and get into a "Deep Work" session, I turn to EDM - Specifically, Future house. This genre is a layer beneath house music, and features a muted melody with elastic-sounding drop and consistent basslines. 

Tchami is a DJ from Paris and is regarded as a pioneer of the future house genre. I first discovered him while I was attending the first Lollapalooza Paris festival in 2017. I was pulled away from Imagine Dragons with his infectious beat and crowds that dance with insane energy. Before I knew it, I was sucked in and dancing my ass off.

Below is one of his most popular songs, but each song appeals to a different mood and activity I find myself in. Adieu is a song you can listen to while you start your morning at work or even while you exercise. Give it time to build and grow on you. It will have you sucked in no time. Let me know what you think!

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