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Brock Hampton

Brock Hampton


Brock Hampton is a 13 man rap collective or “boy band” that shot into popularity after releasing their Saturation trilogy in 2017, three albums that showed off the group’s undeniable unique creativity and unmatched production. Each member of the band contribute something different and are often testing new ideas but land an instantaneously catchy hook in nearly every song.

On March 30th the group announced that they signed to the record label RCA(for an estimated 15 mil) and they are slated to release their album soon.

Currently, they have 3 singles released and their most recent "1997 DIANA" might be the most vibrant and danceable out of all three. The track kicks off with a countdown and then straight into Kevin Abstract's chipmunked chorus. After that, we get a zany Matt Champion's verse then later followed but by one of Dom McLennon more silly and memorable lines "cu-cucumber lemonade, I need something fresh today.

Barber make the texture fade, actin' out like it's charades". Dom's flow especially adds to the quirky vibe of the song.

The production is handled by Kevin Doan, it’s upbeat and filled with subtle but necessary horn samples, crowd cheers, and hand claps.

Unfortunately, the track comes in at a short 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I feel like it definitely could've been fleshed out a bit more but I'm hoping it sounds more complete in the context of the album. Overall, I like what I’m hearing and excited for what they do next.


Watch the video for 1997 DIANA HERE

Or if you’re like me and don’t care for music videos..

Listen to 1997 DIANA HERE


Hinds - Soberland

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