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Spiritual Yoga Moves with Cooper

Spiritual Yoga Moves with Cooper


Hello my lovely soul pups, Cooper here to give you a break from Mom and Dad’s relationship. I’ve been practicing yoga in order to connect with my inner self and I noticed(completely unexpected) that my body has been looking really good lately. I thought I’d share a few of my puppy-approved yoga moves so you can also look good for the summer. Nah-Meh-Stay.


The Sniffing Frog: Great for back pain and also for sniffing things.


The Sideways-Facing Couch Dog: Great for stretching out the hips and for staying on the couch when Dad tells you to get off.


I had more soul-inspiring yoga moves, but Dad said people can only take so much of a dog’s spiritual journey. So… I guess I’ll just have to wait until next newsletter to post.

Quick Life Tip: Make sure you’re meditating and completing your affirmations for at least 4 seconds every morning. Bye for now yoga puppies!

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