Kale Donnelly



I’m a full-time dad, full-time economist, and part-time hobbyist. Growing up as a kid in the country outside of small town Cheyenne, Wyoming I was always seeking ways to keep my mind busy. That hasn’t changed much, paving way to my never-ending need to create projects for myself, find little things to fix around the house, and constantly tidy up (yes, I’m a serial “procrasti-cleaner”). Thankfully, my beautiful wife is a good sport about this Type-A side of me, but is also there to tell me when I need to cool it and just take a minute to relax. 

In my spare time you’ll either find me on the bike trails, working on projects in my garage, or more than likely keeping up with my two and half year old daughter. With us having so much playground in our metaphorical backyard of Bend, Oregon (seriously, Google it. It’s a beautiful mountain oasis) there’s plenty of opportunity for snowboarding, mountain biking, floating the river, festivals, and a killer environmentally-friendly community. Not to mention, a hefty variety of breweries to wet your whistle. 

At the end of the day it’s all about family for me. I’m ecstatic to be a main contributor to the Sunday Shakedown Family, and I can’t wait to watch this newsletter grow! 

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