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Realigned Reflections

I woke to a scream.

As my vision began to come into focus, I made out the face of a horrified older woman. She hid behind a curtain as she watched me with wide eyes. I sat up from my slumber and immediately questioned her judgement on the situation— why was she so afraid? After all, she was the one behind a glass door and I was the one who was abruptly woken up.

First-Time Officiant: Becoming a Dudeist Priest & Officiating a Wedding

This role was especially important because it allowed our family to begin a new tradition. My father was a minister and his sacred side hustle was a source of fulfillment for him. He was able to marry a number of couples over the years, including my wife and me. He’s retired from the game now so I was next in line to step up to the altar. Besides, he was busy walking his daughter down the aisle.

Loco for Loci

used to be pretty terrible at presenting and public speaking. No matter what the circumstance, I just always seemed to make everyone in the room feel uncomfortable(including myself). As an audience member, witnessing me struggle through a presentation was not a pleasant experience. I’d either remember what I would want to say but sound unauthentic and not present, or I’d forget and start stammering and stuttering like a broken robot.  I could tell that most wanted to help me, but all they could do was sit back and hope it didn’t get any worse.

Stay in Touch

’ve been suffering from a severe case of the FOMO/homesickness.

To combat this, I figured I should get off social media. You know, out of sight out of mind and all that jazz. So here’s how it goes – I delete and deactivate my social media with a vengeance, thinking that will cure the FOMOitis. But a few days later, I can’t control the urge of sneaking a little peek into the lives of my ‘friends’! Also, I need to know what new memes are out. What if I miss out on a meme that is so me that I could have legit… died! Oh! The tragedy!

Show Me Your Lemons

Quitting my golf career was one of the biggest failures of my life. I was so determined to reach my goals that it was the only thing that I focused on. My determination to become a professional golfer was my sole focus and nothing was going to get in my way of achieving it. Not my academics, my relationships, or even my mental health.  I sacrificed everything for it and I still came up embarrassingly short. Yes, I had some success. I qualified for the U.S. Amateur and played Division 1 golf, but it was still nowhere close to where I wanted to be. After finally deciding to give up on my dream, I was devastated.


What is 'Memento Mori'?

Like most of us, I struggle with the narrative that I tell myself. My ego takes over and attempts to make my life mean more than it really is. This blinds me from the reality of life, which is that we are all mortal. We only have so many days to live, and only so many hours to accomplish things in those days. 

Be a Translator for Your Customer

No matter what organization you find yourself in, you probably will have to deal with customers at some point in your career. The needs of these customers will vary depending on the industry but the experience these customers wish to have with you will always be the exact same.

Token Political Rant - 2017 Version

I think everyone can agree that 2017 was a weird f*#cking year in politics.

As I personally evaluate my year, I realize that watching the news didn’t really add value to my life. It made me emotional, sure. But it didn’t contribute to my general well-being.

How Marketing can Save the Planet

Marketing has changed a lot since the term was coined around 1884. The depth and science that is now applied in the field has made the field very ambiguous. My friend teases me about my marketing degree, saying that I only learned how to manipulate people and make a good PowerPoint. If this is true, can we become more than that?

Have the Cake and Eat it Too

Have you ever voiced a concern to a friend, such as a performance review, and their response is to ‘Just be in the present, dude.’

Is this helpful advice? Should I neglect all the things in the future and seek to find bliss in every moment? I know what my hippie self would say, but I’m not certain about the part of me that craves to achieve more in the future. If I’m in the present all the time, how do I visualize and make my goals a reality? If I’m in the woods somewhere chasing after butterflies all the time, then I will have no time to sit down and get to work. If you are only fixated on being in the present moment, then it will end up jeopardizing your long-term satisfaction.