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The Voyage of a Quarter-Century Father

All of our plans for the future have had Kay’s well-being as a top priority ever since we knew we were expecting. Admittedly, we didn’t plan to have a child at the time we did, but we’ve completely reveled in the beauty it is to shape and mold a family from scratch. Not to mention, I have absolutely LOVED being a father. I get to help someone discover their interests, watch them develop their quirks, and try to explain the workings of the world we live in. But, I’ll admit that I had some concerns with my newfound role fairly early on.

A Healthy Level of Skepticism

Did you know that out of all the heaping amounts of claims and statements that PolitiFact checks, they found that 85 percent aren’t true? Now, there will always be a fair amount of B.S. in the world – unbacked claims, bad statistics, and a frequent combination of the two. I just can’t help but notice that so much of that misinformation is being spread and going unquestioned in today’s day and age. That being said, I have to admit that I’m guilty of making some of those misleading statements accompanied by numbers myself… and only a mere three sentences ago. You see, PolitiFact rates statements made in the public spotlight, particularly more so within the political arena, on six different scales – only one of them being “true.” All I did was merely negate to include “mostly true” and “half true” statements, aggregate the whole bunch, do some algebra, and BAM you have yourself a statistic! Heck, I even sourced the claim and it could technically hold up. Not to mention, let’s think about how PolitiFact chooses the claims they fact check.

A Small Fish in a Big Pond

In all the jobs I’ve held throughout my years there seems to be a recurring theme – I’m always either the youngest employee, the least experienced, or both. In fact, in the 11 years I’ve been in the workforce and the 15 oddball jobs I’ve had, that statement holds true for all but one job where I was a call center employee at my university. Any kind of on-campus job is going to pan out that way, but the vast majority of my employment experiences have had me at the bottom of the food chain. Now, I realize that I’m nearly 26 years old and my statement warrants a response like, “Duh Kale, what did you expect?” There’s also the fact that back in those days the number of Baby Boomers in the workforce far exceeded the number of Millennials, so we’re looking at hard probabilities that some if not most of my colleagues would be older than me. But, being the small fish in a big pond can be challenging and a little disheartening at times…