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Pizza Skillet Casserole Recipe

Hi! Sam here.

Don't you just hate it when food bloggers attach a mountain of text before a recipe where they fondly recollect a distant fond memory that has some deep connection with this particular dish and why they decided to make it? 

So, last weekend, As the sun set,  Stephen and I were walking our dog, Cooper. In the distance, it started to rain. As we approached the end of the trail, we realized... just kidding, here's the recipe.  I made it because we happened to have all the ingredients it needed and we had to make something for dinner. Bon appetite!

First-Time Officiant: Becoming a Dudeist Priest & Officiating a Wedding

This role was especially important because it allowed our family to begin a new tradition. My father was a minister and his sacred side hustle was a source of fulfillment for him. He was able to marry a number of couples over the years, including my wife and me. He’s retired from the game now so I was next in line to step up to the altar. Besides, he was busy walking his daughter down the aisle.

Token Political Rant - 2017 Version

I think everyone can agree that 2017 was a weird f*#cking year in politics.

As I personally evaluate my year, I realize that watching the news didn’t really add value to my life. It made me emotional, sure. But it didn’t contribute to my general well-being.