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Don't Hesitate...Meditate!

Meditation has become popular in Western culture through the growing trend of yoga. Some might associate it with Buddhism or Hinduism and if attached to a specific religion of their own, may shy away from the act or ban it all together. I’m here to shed some light on what exactly is meditation, the reasons one might meditate, and my struggles and commitment to maintaining a daily meditation practice.

Holiday Wine Pairings

You know, no matter where you dine out, somms (sommeliers, you know, the pin-wearing experts who open the bottle of wine you order at your table and pour you the taste so you can nod and approve?) will always be able to recommend a wine to go with your chosen dish. Literally, no matter where. But what if you’re at chick-fil-a? can a somm recommend a wine to go with my precious nuggets? For sure. But holiday food is the pinnacle of food pairing—think of all the decadent deliciousness you’ll plate up this holiday season.

A Healthy Level of Skepticism

Did you know that out of all the heaping amounts of claims and statements that PolitiFact checks, they found that 85 percent aren’t true? Now, there will always be a fair amount of B.S. in the world – unbacked claims, bad statistics, and a frequent combination of the two. I just can’t help but notice that so much of that misinformation is being spread and going unquestioned in today’s day and age. That being said, I have to admit that I’m guilty of making some of those misleading statements accompanied by numbers myself… and only a mere three sentences ago. You see, PolitiFact rates statements made in the public spotlight, particularly more so within the political arena, on six different scales – only one of them being “true.” All I did was merely negate to include “mostly true” and “half true” statements, aggregate the whole bunch, do some algebra, and BAM you have yourself a statistic! Heck, I even sourced the claim and it could technically hold up. Not to mention, let’s think about how PolitiFact chooses the claims they fact check.

Loco for Loci

used to be pretty terrible at presenting and public speaking. No matter what the circumstance, I just always seemed to make everyone in the room feel uncomfortable(including myself). As an audience member, witnessing me struggle through a presentation was not a pleasant experience. I’d either remember what I would want to say but sound unauthentic and not present, or I’d forget and start stammering and stuttering like a broken robot.  I could tell that most wanted to help me, but all they could do was sit back and hope it didn’t get any worse.

Sound Healing with Meg Weldon

I am a strong believer that everyone has their own methods of escapism – something that helps to distract us from the crazy, sometimes unpleasant, stressful realities of life. It could be meditation, eating tacos, drinking bourbon, painting wildflowers or so many alternatives, but for me it’s live music. There’s just something about hearing your favorite song played live, with an unparalleled amount of energy in the air and your best friends by your side. It’s called “Sound Healing.”

What is 'Memento Mori'?

Like most of us, I struggle with the narrative that I tell myself. My ego takes over and attempts to make my life mean more than it really is. This blinds me from the reality of life, which is that we are all mortal. We only have so many days to live, and only so many hours to accomplish things in those days. 

Be a Translator for Your Customer

No matter what organization you find yourself in, you probably will have to deal with customers at some point in your career. The needs of these customers will vary depending on the industry but the experience these customers wish to have with you will always be the exact same.

How Marketing can Save the Planet

Marketing has changed a lot since the term was coined around 1884. The depth and science that is now applied in the field has made the field very ambiguous. My friend teases me about my marketing degree, saying that I only learned how to manipulate people and make a good PowerPoint. If this is true, can we become more than that?