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Two Types of Pain

The decision to be closer to friends, girlfriend, family and a familiar community versus sticking through the uncomfortable in hope of personal growth. Ask me to make this decision after graduating two years ago, I’d choose the uncomfortable without much thought. Growth happens when you and uncomfortable meet. Today, this decision has made me more emotionally overwhelmed than I’ve been in quite some time.

The Butterfly and Envy

One day Envy was watching the eagle, and he swooped lower, and lower until he came to rest on a small tree at the bottom of the mountain. The eagle stood proudly, and regally surveyed the colourful garden. Envy studied the eagle’s cruel and sharp curved beak, and was puzzled how the eagle would drink the flowers sweet nectar. He looked at the powerful claws of the eagle, and though how easily they would break the delicate stems of the flowers in the garden.

The League

It’s football season, baby, and with that comes NFL Fantasy Football. Stephen and I debate heavily about an array of topics through out our work day, over lunch and, as of recently, while battling it out in Catan. But we both agree football is an American pastime and realize Fantasy Football has the same addictive qualities as crack cocaine. This Friendly Feature is going to try to convince all the nagging girlfriends of why their boyfriends are so enthralled with Fantasy. Here is why it’s so popular: