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Token Political Rant - 2017 Version

Token Political Rant - 2017 Version

I think everyone can agree that 2017 was a weird f*#cking year in politics.

As I personally evaluate my year, I realize that watching the news didn’t really add value to my life. It made me emotional, sure. But it didn’t contribute to my general well-being.

I don’t know if you are like me, but any time I even hear someone say the word “political”, I immediately think about incredibly emotional(most likely sweaty) people.

This is obvious because politics is so closely associated with our morals, our belief system on how we fell we should live together, and our overall identity.

Most people I know would rather stay out of the entire discussion, and I completely sympathize with them. It’s such a colossal commitment to pick sides in the political atmosphere. As soon as you decide to give your perspective on a topic, you are immediately targeted by a large population that completely disagree with everything you say(and in my case, have a lot of guns).

As soon as you become vocal, you have dedicated yourself to an immediate stereotype that is so basic and inappropriate, it might as well be called my high school girlfriend(I won’t name who you are, Tiffany).

By vowing to abide by the strict party of choice(god forbid you ever change your mind), you will have to endure a lifetime of awkward conversations that make you want to run into a moving bus. You’ll have to pretend to laugh and be ‘chill’ when your uncle tries to pick a fight with you every Thanksgiving(I could drop your ass, Gene… unless that broken hip has completely healed from surgery).

Even worse than all of that, you might turn out to be wrong.

That’s too scary for most people(me included).

But as we enter 2018, I’m promising myself to become a citizen. That doesn’t mean I will watch more news, it means I will be prepared to make an educated vote once my turn is up. This doesn’t take a year worth of watching news to do efficiently(or very effectively). It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of work and a little research(Fox&Friends doesn’t count) can easily be given a slot in my “very busy” schedule.

At this point, I’m not sure if I’m a Democrat or a Republican. But I will treat these decisions like I do with anything in my life. I will seek the greatest source of truth and attempt to understand it. If I want to learn a subject in my career, I seek out a mentor to teach me what I need to know.

I will do the same process in the political arena. I’ll attempt to identify the smartest people that can solve the problem I want fixed and then actively pursue them to help me solve it.

Similar to the mentor analogy, if a politician doesn’t know anything about the subject, it’s likely they will do a pretty shitty job.

I’ve never seen so much emotion in politics before. My uncle thinks it’s because “I’m a liberal asshole who doesn’t have any life experience.” I actually wouldn’t completely disagree with him there, but I still believe that surfacing some of this emotional discharge will create interest that will really matter in the long run.

Emotion can be a very versatile building block if we let it. The next step needs to be a rational thought process with actual, implementable action(throwing your T.V. through the window does not count). Watching will only keep us at the first building block, we need to grow and learn after that.

If you’ve made it this far through my rant, it means that you care enough about politics(or you are family and HAVE to or else I’M NOT GETTING YOU CHRISTMAS GIFTS IN 2018).

I hope that we can all keep ourselves accountable this year as we move towards a better future for us all. If anyone cares…




P.S. — If your having trouble identifying with a certain ideology, I’ve just downloaded the Vote 1 -Political Spectrum app to help me gain a better understanding of the spectrum and myself.

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