Realigned Reflections

I woke to a scream.

As my vision began to come into focus, I made out the face of a horrified older woman. She hid behind a curtain as she watched me with wide eyes. I sat up from my slumber and immediately questioned her judgement on the situation— why was she so afraid? After all, she was the one behind a glass door and I was the one who was abruptly woken up.

Pizza Skillet Casserole Recipe

Hi! Sam here.

Don't you just hate it when food bloggers attach a mountain of text before a recipe where they fondly recollect a distant fond memory that has some deep connection with this particular dish and why they decided to make it? 

So, last weekend, As the sun set,  Stephen and I were walking our dog, Cooper. In the distance, it started to rain. As we approached the end of the trail, we realized... just kidding, here's the recipe.  I made it because we happened to have all the ingredients it needed and we had to make something for dinner. Bon appetite!

A Coming of Age Story

What started as a silly book I had to read junior year of high school became a silly book I consistently think about in my “adult” life, especially the above segment. How can I identify so clearly with the narrator, Holden Caulfield, and the kids who get too close to the crazy cliff? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have to pay taxes and go to work but in many I still feel like I know nothing; like a child on the edge of a cliff. I’ve fallen off a lot of crazy cliffs and I’ve been the catcher in the rye for myself a few times, too.

Living Seasonally

Working as wildland fire fighter on a hotshot crew is an intensely unique experience. If you’ve ever worked outside 16 hours a day for two weeks at a time, without showering in some of hottest months of the year, you know what I’m talking about.

Don't Hesitate...Meditate!

Meditation has become popular in Western culture through the growing trend of yoga. Some might associate it with Buddhism or Hinduism and if attached to a specific religion of their own, may shy away from the act or ban it all together. I’m here to shed some light on what exactly is meditation, the reasons one might meditate, and my struggles and commitment to maintaining a daily meditation practice.

Two Types of Pain

The decision to be closer to friends, girlfriend, family and a familiar community versus sticking through the uncomfortable in hope of personal growth. Ask me to make this decision after graduating two years ago, I’d choose the uncomfortable without much thought. Growth happens when you and uncomfortable meet. Today, this decision has made me more emotionally overwhelmed than I’ve been in quite some time.

The Voyage of a Quarter-Century Father

All of our plans for the future have had Kay’s well-being as a top priority ever since we knew we were expecting. Admittedly, we didn’t plan to have a child at the time we did, but we’ve completely reveled in the beauty it is to shape and mold a family from scratch. Not to mention, I have absolutely LOVED being a father. I get to help someone discover their interests, watch them develop their quirks, and try to explain the workings of the world we live in. But, I’ll admit that I had some concerns with my newfound role fairly early on.