The Sunday Shakedown is a group of content creators that share their personal stories and life lessons.

The network is connected through the shakedown portal, which allows for a dispersed group to collaborate together.

This blog serves as a vehicle to share our creations with the world.

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Hey, I’m Stephen

I started the Sunday Shakedown in 2018. Originally a weekly newsletter, it has morphed into a collaboration project.

The site has been built up and broken down many times. I associate that with my frequent and explainable need to change and tweak things in my life(I get to that a lot in here).

However, the goal has always been the same— To collaborate and share our lives with one another.

I’ve asked friends to join me in creating content for the Sunday Shakedown, they have provided the most value to me and many others by sharing their life with us. Check out the Content Creators here.

If you like what one of us is creating, then you can collaborate together in the Shakedown Portal.

I’m thankful you’re here. Feel free to reach out to if you’ve got an idea to make this experience better—Or if you just want to send me funny memes and say what’s up.


Stephen Reed